Best BEI Webinars of 2023

This blog shares an insightful roundup of some of the most impactful BEI webinar presentations of 2023. As the digital landscape continues to evolve and as advisors steadily place a heavy emphasis on education, webinars have been a crucial medium for knowledge dissemination, industry best practices, and professional development.  

Our team has sifted through the vast list of virtual presentations hosted each week of the last year, to share the webinars that not only captured audiences with engaging content, but also provided valuable perspectives on emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, and thought-provoking discussions.  

In no particular order, check out the following presentations that made their mark in 2023, offering a glimpse into the future of business planning and fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamic world of professional advisory services.  

Business Exit Planning: Help Clients Keep More of Their Sale Proceeds with MetLife  

This presentation hosted by BEI Strategic Partners, MetLife, discusses the challenges and expenses associated with selling a business, highlighting the contrasting emotions of excitement for potential profits, and concerns over the accompanying tax bill. The team at MetLife dives into a new, tax-advantaged solution for business sales: structured installment sales.  

Watch the recording here:


Find Your Way After Exit Day with Charis Santillie & Jim Carlisle  

This impactful webinar by BEI Member Jim Carlisle, and Life Transition Coach Charis Santillie, discusses the emotional challenge of transitioning from business ownership to designing a desirable post-sale life. The presentation provides tips and guidance on navigating your clients through the emotional aspects of life after business, drawing on Charis Santillie’s expertise as a Certified Fearless Living® Coach and Positive Intelligence® Trainer with over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience.  

Watch the recording here:

Live Demo: Planning Software for Business Advisors with BEI CEO Jared Johnson  

This webinar shares several exciting developments at BEI that took place over the last year, inviting viewers for a sneak peek into the latest updates to the BEI PlanIt software for advisors. The live demonstration shares glimpses of the new user interface and enhanced functionality, sharing how it can be leveraged to streamline work for advisors with clients and other advisors.  

Watch the recording here:

To take part in an upcoming webinar similar in nature, “Maximize Your Planning Practice’s Potential Ahead of 2024” on December 20th at 1pm ET, register at the link below: 

How to Grow Your Practice Using Advanced Trust Planning with Business and Legal Advisors  

This webinar with BEI Strategic Alliance, Business and Legal Advisors, is hosted by Stuart H. Sorkin, a seasoned expert with 40+ years in the business advisory industry. Sorkin, a business consultant and transactional attorney uses this presentation to dive into advanced trust planning and how it plays a role in Exit Planning. Tune in to the recording at the link below to hear details on the two basic types of trusts (revocable and irrevocable), their purposes, funding alternatives, and more, offering valuable insights for growing your planning practice.  

Watch the recording here:

Level Up With BEI: Pricing Strategies for Your Services with BEI Practice Development Specialist, Doug Easton

This presentation hosted by the BEI team was developed to help assist with one of our most asked questions: “How do I charge fees for my planning services?”  

This presentation addresses this common advisor challenge, sharing tools available to determine appropriate fees, how to propose methods to clients, establishing a competitive fee structure, showcasing ROI and more, offering valuable takeaways for advisors in navigating the complexities of pricing.  

Watch the Recording here:


This compilation of the top BEI webinar presentations of 2023 dives into a diverse array of subjects that have shaped the industry and sparked planning conversations throughout the year. From groundbreaking discussions on structured installments and trust planning to insightful analysis of fee structures and owner’s post-exit lives, these webinars have not only showcased the expertise of thought leaders but have also provided crucial takeaways for personal and professional growth. We’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you more about these concepts and how you can use them to get more strategic meetings on the calendar with clients in 2024. 

Be sure to keep an eye on our webinar calendar, as it is frequently being revisited to provide our network with impactful presentations from guests and our team! Check up the lineup for the rest of the year here:  

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