Why Exit Planning Advisors Must Take Learning to the Next Level

Why Exit Planning Advisors Must Take Learning to the Next Level

In the fast-paced world of business advisory services, the importance of lifelong learning is invaluable. As an Exit Planning Advisor, your commitment to continuous education is crucial for staying one step ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. From new capabilities with Artificial Intelligence to financial and technological advancements, how can you stay on top of your game and set yourself apart from the competition? 

Throughout the course of your professional life, you’ve probably heard the term lifelong learning. Furthermore, it’s likely that the value and importance of education has been drilled into you from a young age and has ultimately led you to where you are today in your role advising business owners. In this blog, we’ll explore why Exit Planning Advisors must continue to grow their knowledge, and how obtaining a license from BEI Exit Planning can transform your advisory practice. 

Why are there continued education requirements for professional advisors? 

Continuing education requirements exist for a reason. If continuous learning wasn’t beneficial, there wouldn’t be industry standards mandating professional advisors to accumulate varying amounts of continuing education (CE) credits each year. For context, the BEI Certified Exit Planner (CExP) designation requires 30 accrued credit hours over a two-year period. 

A recent article by CE Records highlighted that “Advisors who continually engage in advanced education and continuing professional development activities will reap the rewards through increased client trust, more meaningful and personal discussions of financial matters, and compliance with industry regulations.” 

Many professional advisors would likely agree that part of their responsibility as an advisor is to maintain accurate and current information as it relates to industry trends, tax regulations, best planning practices and more. Advisory services is an industry with many moving parts, therefore, it makes sense that the landscape is growing and evolving. With such rapid growth and change, it’s not enough to just sign up for a few Exit Planning courses and call it good. 

Putting practical knowledge into perspective 

While foundational education is important, practical knowledge plays a crucial role in attracting and serving your business owning clients effectively. Consider the process of choosing a hair stylist. Your hair stylist had to complete levels of certification and pass board exams to be licensed to perform those services. However, we typically rely on other factors outside of their foundational education when determining if they will fit our needs. 

Do their service offerings align with the latest trends? Is their pricing structure comparable to other options in the market? Do they have a scheduling system in place that makes it easy and seamless for you to book appointments with them? Do they have positive reviews online or have you heard good things from a friend? 

All these considerations can be used to prove the point that practical application of a professional’s knowledge is typically deemed more important to a prospect than what their foundational knowledge is, and when and where it came from. 

The same can be said when looking at it through the lens of an Exit Planning Advisor. You’ve taken a course, perhaps even invested time and money into earning a certificate or designation. However, how has the creation and execution of your Exit Plans fared for your clients? Have you adapted your fees in a way that makes sense with your target client? Have you had to collaborate with other advisors to determine the direction of a plan or consult them with a specific client problem? With the right system in place; one that is designed to meet your clients where they are; your practical and foundational knowledge become more than just education.  

Why Exit Planning Advisors need more than education 

At BEI, we firmly believe that it’s not enough to go through a training program or sign up for a few courses on Exit Planning. Having a proven, repeatable process and access to the right tools helps you do more for your clients. 

With a BEI License, you get the framework that allows you to better understand your client’s goals and create a solution for them. Whether used for marketing, planning, or both, a BEI License allows for practical knowledge of Exit Planning to be applied and challenged every time you are working with a business owner client. 

Embracing education is one thing, but being able to use it in the context of Exit Planning engagements opens doors to higher earning potential, greater job satisfaction, and access to more resources and referrals for your services. 

How a BEI License ties it all together

BEI’s Exit Planning training is designed to give you the fundamental tools that you will be able to use and apply with one of BEI’s Licenses. Performing Exit Planning services is a learned trade that requires continued, lifelong learning. 

Ready to harness the power of education and tools to transform your planning practice? 

Contact us today so we can help you determine the best path for your training needs. With BEI product offerings, training is included at discounted rates when a license is purchased to affirm our belief that an Exit Planning License serves as a practical application tool for your training. 

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