You Are Not Alone – Learn How to Grow Your Advisor Team

Do you feel as though your practice has become stagnant? Or perhaps you don’t have the right advisor network to move along planning projects efficiently for your business owner clients? We often learn valuable advice from our peers in our industry.

Doug Easton, Practice Development Specialist, interviews BEI Member, Peter Skelton, CEO and Principal of KAFL Insurance Resources, on how he has built his advisor network to plan more efficiently for his clients. During the interview, he also dives into how he gets Exit Planning conversations started with his clients and prospects. Peter has some great advice to share on how he starts many of his conversations with business continuity planning and then organically pivots to strategic business planning down the road.  

In this new webinar, we touch on several different topics with Peter. We dive into how Peter has found success in the Exit Planning space in these various ways:

  • Creating and growing advisor roundtables
  • How to keep business owner clients engaged
  • Building business value for clients
  • What to charge for unique services
  • How to overcome some common challenges working with business owners  
  • And much more.

Register to get firsthand advice from one of our successful advisors on how he is making an impact and growing his practice exponentially.