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Copy of Advanced Exit Planning Test Course

Tammy Poole · December 4, 2022

What You Will Learn

This Advanced Exit Planning Series is the second in a three part professional education process leading to certification from the best known Exit Planning organization. Completing the Advanced Exit Planning Series is critical to providing comprehensive Exit Planning services to the business owning community. The primary goal of the BEI certification program is to provide advisors with information that will serve as a solid foundation for your professional Exit Planning endeavors, whether or not you plan to pursue the full certification in Exit Planning from BEI.

This series covers the following topics in more detail than BEI’s Exit Planning Fundamentals program (Exit Planning Boot Camp):

  • Setting Goals
  • Gap Analysis
  • Cash Flow and Business Value
  • Growing Value and Minimizing Taxes
  • Developing Key Employees
  • Minimizing Risk
  • Third-Party Sale Transactions
  • Selling to an ESOP
  • Transferring Ownership to Insiders
  • Transferring Ownership in a Family Business
  • Business Continuity for Co-Owned Businesses
  • Business Continuity for Solely-Owned Businesses
  • Estate Planning Techniques for Business Clients
  • Putting Together a Comprehensive Plan

Please be advised that you will have full access to the BEI Tools for 4 months from the start date of this course. You will also have 365 days of access to the modules in this course from the start date.

About Instructor

Tammy Poole

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