Choosing the right partner for your practice to help your clients reach their goals is important. We want you to have all the information possible to do so.


You want to be the indispensable advisor to your clients and stand out from the sea of advisors in your field. We get it. We understand having a passion to help clients succeed and reach their goals. That’s why we’ve compiled the information below to help you make the best decision for your practice and your clients.

Business Enterprise Institute

BEI provides comprehensive Exit Planning practice-development tools, education, and ongoing support to business advisors. Whether those advisors want to be a full-fledged Exit Planner or focus on particular elements of Exit Planning, BEI can help broaden their scope of work and attract new clients to their core practice. Our mission is to empower advisors to execute business strategies that allow owners to leave their businesses when they want, with the money they need, and to the successor they choose.

Exit Planning Institute

EPI is an education company that provides content and owner education resources to advisors. EPI produces content as it relates to exit planning, succession planning, and value acceleration, provides ongoing advisor support and practice development, and creates connectivity to transitioning business owners. Their main offering is the CEPA credential, which is for advisors looking for the education to engage more business owners.


BEI is more than just content and education. We provide the framework for taking what you learn about Exit Planning and applying that knowledge to your specific practice to make you a better advisor. We want you to be the advisor your clients turn to every time they want to talk about how to reach their goals. Let’s take a closer look at what each membership level offers you and your practice.

Premium License Growth License Planning License Starter Plan Free Account Credentialed Plus Credentialed
Access to Exit Planning Content - Infographics,
articles, case studies, blogs,
research, mini assessment tools
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Member Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Newsletter System with Content Yes Yes
Brandable White Papers Yes Yes
Speaking Kit Yes Yes
Brandable brochures and workbooks Yes Yes Yes
One-on-one coaching and implementation support Yes Yes Yes
Exit Plan Mapping Tool Yes Yes
Exit Planning Software Yes Yes
Project Management Tools Yes Yes
Member Collaboration Opportunities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Practice Groups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self-guided professional development Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special discounts for products and programs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost for Membership $925/mo* $550/mo* $550/mo* $49/mo No Cost $895/yr $395/yr
*Discounts for paying annually

There are a lot of advisors that can help their clients with business planning solutions. You want to be the first advisor owners call when they need help achieving their goals. We understand that passion. For over 25 years, we’ve helped advisors like you build stronger relationships with their clients. With BEI tools, education, and ongoing support, you have access to the solutions you need to get more done.

Traditional marketing methods are often time-consuming and ineffective, and you want an easy way to bring more clients to your door so you can have more meaningful conversations with them. We know how important it is for your clients to be able to find you. Advisors using BEI tools are already reaching hundreds of thousands of business owners every month. When you establish your goals with the BEI Team, we’ll work with you to integrate our resources into your practice so you can have more conversations and make the most of the opportunity with your clients.

Engaging clients and moving them forward towards their goals requires that you have the confidence to be prepared for any planning solution. BEI’s proven planning techniques have helped thousands of advisors understand how to expand their service offerings. BEI uses feedback from its advisors and real-world case studies to improve its training to make sure you get the most up-to-date solutions. We want you to feel confident when meeting with clients that you can help them with their planning needs, no matter the situation, and we are confident that the BEI tools are the best in getting you there.

Having a repeatable process with your clients to deliver a plan that achieves real results towards their goals saves you time. But not every client is the same, so we know that choosing the right tools to use with your process is critical for success. That’s why BEI is committed to developing tools that are dynamic and intuitive, allowing you to work a repeatable process and also deliver custom solutions to your clients.

Provide planning solutions that are better than the rest.

Schedule an appointment. We’ll work together to build a customized plan for your practice and help you execute it to start providing better solutions for your clients.
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