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Fri, 06/17/2022 - 13:36

Christine Trumbull

Christine Trumbull is an Exit Advisor and the Founder of Pinnacle Exit Group. 28 years of experience in financial and business management has led her to her current role: ensuring seamless transitions for founders and families.

She began her career as a CPA in the private industry, eventually working her way up to Controller and CFO roles. After mastering public accounting, she founded her own firm and later ran five highly profitable businesses with her husband. Following his passing, Christine decided to move into the next chapter of her career. She understands firsthand how overwhelming the succession and exit of a business can be.

By clarifying goals and simplifying the path forward, she can accelerate growth for her clients and maximize the value of their company.

Passion for Business Owners

Christine worked her way through college in accounting for private business owners. After continuing that path for several years, she bounced to public accounting. She happened to be hired by a firm that was developing a business consultation division, which were very popular back then. It made sense that she got involved with this development having had previous experience in the private sector. Christine has always had a focus on small and mid-sized businesses, and she thoroughly enjoys working with the owners because it gets personal – she becomes part of their lives, and part of the businesses. With this relationship, both Christine and the business owner clients she works with have a stake in what is going to happen to the future of the company.

Tackling Personal & Client Challenges   

Christine has personal experience in running a family business.  She knows all too well how proper succession planning can serve as a tool to get companies (even those who are comprised mainly or solely of family members) through times when it does not seem like all members are on the same page.  Personal experiences have driven Christine to work tirelessly to serve as an advocate for her clients and ensure that each particular company has the tools for success now and in the future. 

Utilizing BEI Tools & Resources

At this point, Christine has had a partnership with BEI for only a few short months. Even in this brief time, she has already seen a return on her investment by utilizing the EPIC software and the available planning content. She looks forward to initiating the roundtable opportunities as she moves forward.

To use an example, Christine recently met with a client to conduct some initial assessments. He indicated to her that he was not ready to start focusing on the growth of his business. Christine decided to spend a few minutes with him in the EPIC software, filling out the Exit Planning and Value Driver Assessments, and he, in turn, was well pleased with the direction the conversation took them. He mentioned that the questions in the assessments brough up a lot of items he had not previously considered.

This conversation allowed Christine’s client to clearly see the issues at hand that needed to be tackled first. The results were so powerful he wrote her a check that same day! Christine attributes the use of the effective BEI assessment methods to land this client, as well as many others.

Advice to Fellow Advisors:

Learn. Learn as much as you can. Read, get a mentor, attend seminars and webinars, and surround yourself with excellent advisors in complementary industries and learn from them. Never stop learning.

To the BEI Community:

Christine just launched a new podcast titled, “Mastering Your Exit Strategy.” The purpose of this podcast is to serve as a trusted resource for family-owned and closely held businesses looking to take their companies to higher places.

Each week, Christine brings in industry experts: from CEOs, professional advisors, and visionaries to help listeners find peace of mind and financial security. Guests share with listeners step-by-step business strategies as well as personal development tips to increase business value and plan for a successful transition.

Mastering Your Exit Strategy” Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, & Amazon.


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