Become More Than the Average Advisor

Fri, 08/13/2021 - 08:00


If you are reading this blog, you seek answers about how to help your business-owner clients transition ownership successfully. You have mastered your profession and are successful but seek more. That “more” falls into several categories: 

You want to be more distinctive. You know that there are tens of thousands of other advisors in your profession, most of them capable, but it can be rare to find partners who can move the needle when it comes to making a real difference in the lives of their owner-clients. 

You want to be more valuable to your clients. You want to make a difference, and that difference is the ability to help business owners benefit from their lives’ work. When representing owners, you want to use your professional training and experience, as well as your practical experience to benefit them and your practice. 

You desire more meaning in your career. You want to live a life of significance. Doing the same projects, year after year, doesn’t hold your interest the way it once did. You want a new challenge, one that is interesting and significant. 

And finally, you want more success. You recognize that the opportunity to help baby-boomer owners (and others) plan for their approaching business exits is immense. 

The Road to More 

Opportunities abound to help owners plan for what is likely the most significant financial event of their lives, but there are hurdles that prevent many advisors from taking advantage of these opportunities. 

The advisors who attend BEI’s training events cite the most common hurdles including: 

  • Lack of knowledge 
  • Lack of confidence in moving into a new practice area 
  • Fear of making a mistake 
  • Concern about the time required to tackle a new practice initiative 
  • Engaging owners in any type of planning is difficult 

We understand these concerns and we also understand the frustration that arises from the inability to help long-time clients with the most important decision of their business lives. We have been in your shoes. 

Some of us here at BEI were once advisors to business owners who by trial, error, and refinement over decades, transformed our traditional practices into practices that focused on owner-based planning—a discipline we now call Exit Planning. Today, we have decades of experience helping other advisors become fully competent Exit Planning advisors. 

Smoothing the Road to More 

Since 1996, BEI has trained thousands of advisors to use its owner-centric Exit Planning Process and provided them the tools and resources they needed to become “more.” We can help you too become more—a top-notch Exit Planner—through training, access to a proven and finely-tuned process, and tools to create your own advisor team. 

What factors should you consider when deciding whether to acquire the knowledge and training required to be an effective Exit Planning advisor? We’ll discuss them in the next post. 


  • Skilled and experienced professional advisors seek to be more distinctive, meaningful, valuable, and successful. 
  • BEI’s training overcomes the most common reasons advisors hesitate to add Exit Planning to their practices. 
  • BEI’s training, process, and support in forming advisor teams prepares you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of business owners, and in your practice. 

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