Strategic Alliances

BEI Strategic Alliances provide specialized advice, tools, and services to BEI Members. These Strategic Alliances will help you and your practice become a leader in Exit Planning by teaching you specific skills related to Exit Planning, differentiating your practice with extraordinary expertise. Learn more about BEI's Strategic Alliances and how they can develop you into an Exit Planning thought leader in your market.


BizEquity is the world’s leading provider of business valuation knowledge and big data.BizEquity's Website

Clayton Capital Partners

Clayton Capital Partners (CCP) is one of the nation’s top investment banking firms providing M&A advisory services to a diversified client base of middle-market companies.Clayton Capital Partners Website

Executive Financial Services, Inc.

Executive Financial Services, Inc. focuses on the use of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) in business ownership succession planning.Executive Financial Services, Inc.'s Website

Exit Coach Radio

Bill Black has worked with business owners for 30+ years to help them plan their futures, and noticed that they had no time to get great planning ideas. In 2013, he started interviewing business advisors and sending recordings of the interviews to clients, and Exit Coach Radio was born!Exit Coach Radio's Website

Footprint Capital

Footprint Capital is a boutique investment bank focused on advising owners and operators of privately held companies in the middle market. They help business owners write the next chapter of their story, whether that is leaving a legacy, turning a corner, or foraging down a new path.

Footprint Capital


Mavrek is an interactive software that simplifies the process of buying and selling a small business. Their state-of-the-art SaaS platform unravels a complicated process and connects the user with an easy-to-use, step-by-step process that navigates users through the process of selling or buying a small business.


Selling Technologies

Selling Technologies turnkey programs motivate clients and prospects to take action. This is achieved by leveraging emotion and technology via video.Selling Technologies Website