BEI is the largest Exit Planning network in North America, supporting over 300 firms across each Exit Planning discipline. To look for an advisor in your area to collaborate with, visit our Find An Advisor page.
We help advisors from a wide variety of industries in several ways. Our founding principle is a formal, repeatable process for you to provide quality Exit Plans to your business owner clients. We also focus on Exit Planning education, certification, and marketing resources. resources. Whether you are already doing Exit Planning, or just wanting to get started, we can help you generate a more consistent revenue stream by using a process that is repeatable, yet completely customizable.
It is not required that you complete the CExP™ course to become a Member of BEI’s Network of Exit Planning Advisors, but it is strongly recommended.
Yes. Membership is available on an individual and firm basis. Contact us for more details on the firm level Memberships.
We address compliance on a per advisor basis. Contact us for more details and to discuss this process further.
An initial investment ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 for an individual advisor, depending on the resources that you are most interested in incorporating into your practice.
There are four revenue streams generated by Exit Planning advisors. First, there is the up-front, flat fee that you charge to manage the advisor team in the creation of the final Exit Plan. Then, there are the core services you supply to fulfill the requirements of the Exit Plan. Additionally, there is an annual implementation fee that you charge if you are coordinating the implementation of the plan over a period of years. Finally, there is a success fee in representing the business owner in a third-party sale or bringing assets under management after the liquidity event. The fees typically run from .5% to 2% of Annual Gross Revenue. BEI Members can use the fee estimator tool to give them some direction, but ultimately it is up to each advisor to decide what they think is defensible.
The typical business requiring this level of Exit Planning is generating between $2 million and $25 million per year in annual sales revenue.
Ideally, it will take 90 to 180 days to deliver the Final Road Map. Implementation will depend on the business owner’s timeframe for exit.
Sample plans are usually a very good way to explain to the owner’s other advisors how the Exit Planning Process works and what their role looks like. Also, creating an assessment for other centers of influence can open their eyes to the process and show its formality.
Yes. If you prefer not to take the “quarterback” role in the creation of the Exit Plan, you can invite another BEI Member in your area to oversee the process.
Yes. As long as you are a BEI Member, you can edit our content into your other marketing materials and processes, including creating links on your company website to guide your visitors to branded versions of our content.